Batteries - where to get them and best bulk deals????


    Christmas is coming and so are the kids toys........ most required batteries of some sort or another - I've left it too late to go the rechargable route so need to know the best place and deals for the un eco throw away ones.

    Rep for all helps - thanks


    Poundland usually the best place - you can normally get branded ones - I usually get Kodak or Sony ones from there

    I was in a 98p store yesterday and they have packs off 8 batteries, Panasonic i think for 98p. I have only ever seen cheap makes in the pounland stores.

    Either way a pound for a strip of batteries cant be bad.

    tesco have 4 packets of 4
    energizer ultra+


    The postage price varies but there is usually a special deal with each battery pack.

    "Orders placed by 4:00pm on Monday, December 21st will be dispatched on Monday, December 21st. After that, the next dispatch date is Tuesday, December 22nd."

    Obviously they may not arrive for Christmas but should arrive just after by the time the current ones are spent.

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