battery deals please

    looking to get batteries in for xmas... aa, aaa.... wheres the best deals at the moment please???


    I bought these the other day, I had duracell plus, however they don't last very long so I go for ultra ones now.…905 £8.99 buy one pack get one free (add two to your basket)

    Also I bought Panasonic AA batteries from BM Stores and so far they've been good (better than duracell plus)

    £4.99 for 20 batteries…342

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    Anywhere but Amazon Prime .

    what about Maplin, links below, they have more options on their site
    100 AA at £14.99…3cy
    100 AAA at £14.99…2cy
    Also do free delivery on 100 packs
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    well depends what u need them for if u want the cheap ones pound land are doing them 2 packs for 1.50 about 20 0r 24 batteries at the moment

    Poundland - 6x AA Alkaline (Kodak Extralife) or 12 standard for £1 - now in raw capacity, Alkaline have about a 3:1 advantage, and under higher drain usage, that increases to the 12:1 claimed by Duracell, or even simply that non-alkalines are unusable.

    Poundland also do 12x Duracell for £3, but on one test I recall, there really isn't much between different alkalines

    Poundworld - 6x Alkaline (Powercell) or 16x (WHAT!) ordinary Powercell "Super heavy duty" oO

    Hmm, I'll bet those 16x Powercell don't have anything like the punch of the 12x Kodak, and while all alkalines are supposed to be equal, I doubt that the Powercell are a match for the Kodak, given that Powercell produce those awful 20/18/16 on a card style batteries - typically they leak and/or rust before their date.
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