Battery powered weatherproof wifi/SD/timelapse camera?

Found 8th Sep 2017
Seems like all the Chinese warehouses are having deal battles right now, and I've been on the lookout for an outdoor weatherproof battery powered wireless camera to timelapse some building over about 3 months.

Ideally, it would be Wifi enabled, because there's a chance someone could shimmy up the pole and nick it and then I'd lose all SD card data.

For the same reason, also cheap! I'm sure I should be able to get something for about £20-£40. Something like this would be perfect:…tml - just without the £180 price tag!

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I was going to recommend the Blink Xt but don't think that will do time lapse.
Thanks for the suggestions - @bobdylan - that KipTop looks very much like the TomTop. A few reasons why it wouldn't work for long-term, mostly battery related. Although it is indeed a fine bit of kit

@stefromuk - thanks, just a wee bit outside my budget!

@PTibbets - it's to timelapse some building work. The thing is, there'll be movement most of the time. If the camera wasn't going to have to be over the other side of the road, then I'd just get a PoE version and run a LAN cable.

Hmmm, perhaps this was a daft idea.. still open to suggestions though!
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