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    Hi all. I completely understand that I might be setting myself up for ridicule here but can someone tell me what is the best gun to use in multiplayer as I get mullered on every single game,no matter what class I choose to be. I've tried a shotgun, I've tried an assault rifle, sniper rifle. presently im using a sub machine gun but accuracy is proving difficult. It's the age old thing of shooting someone 800,000,000 times to be then killed with one shot. It's hampering my enjoyment of the game somewhat ,so if anyone can help me as a novice, I'd most appreciate it. Thank you



    Try shooting in bursts with a full auto gun and not holding the fire button, worked for me in battlefield.

    Watch people play it on YouTube easiest way for you to see how to shoot the guns.

    Automatico if you're that desperate

    I love using M1907 SL Sweeper, medic class.

    I struggled at the start too and trench/assault worked wonders for me. Also any of the support guns with scope and bit of distance from busy area will give plenty of targets and moral boost

    I haven't played battlefield in years, but what always used to get people was that the aiming was server side and not hitscan so you had to shoot at where someone would be rather than where they were.

    Try aiming slightly ahead of your targets in the direction they're moving instead of directly at them.

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    Thanks all for your comments. off to have a go


    Try aiming slightly ahead of your targets in the direction they're moving … Try aiming slightly ahead of your targets in the direction they're moving instead of directly at them.

    Although thinking about it given the slower muzzle velocity of WW1 weapons, it may not be so slight.

    It might simply be you are playing against players who are using cheats and you aren't.

    Use scout class and any powerful iron sight rifle (no scopes). So long as your target is within the four dots (whist hip aiming) look down sights and fire quickly, you should get a headshot at reasonable distances. This works for me in xbox one. Im also awful but still enjoy this game

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    cheers monkeysevenfive. glad I'm not on my own

    All the weapons suck realistic to time I suppose play on hardcore maybe ?

    I found that tip watching youtube. Found the gameplay youtube vids demoralising TBH as these kids are just SOOOO good its almost unbelievable. I think modded controllers (and maybe hacks?) are used by some, others clock up hours and hours every day. If i get chance to play 3hrs a week its rare! My tip: play conquest or the non vehicle one (name?) and aim for objectives (as opposed to kills) for a more satisfying multiplayer experience.

    monkey is right-these players no the maps well, they know where people come from and often run around whilst aiming... (modern bf games, I haven't played ww1.)
    I just played a class that suited my style-im not a sniper so rarely used that class. medic to heal team, hang back and kill team mates killers.
    engineer to destroy vehicles-hang back and refill team mates ammo etc. as you unlock levels the guns get better, though battlefield 1 may not be like bf3 & 4..

    I was the same, you do feel that you are shooting a water pistol against one shot opponents. It was exactly the same in Battlefield 4 (which I still play more online).

    The only other advice I can add is choose one setup of guns and stick with them to begin with. Don't chop and change, you will start to see yourself improve, despite the frustration.

    I run riot with hellriegal hope I see you on the field il shoot the sh*t out of you

    You have to give each class a try first and see which best suited your play style, for beginners I believe assualt or support would be the best to try.

    Like some have said don't just press the trigger and use a whole clip, take your time and use the aim through the iron sights. Accuracy increases as you crouch and increases more when you prone.

    You will get a lot of cheap deaths though, it is going to happen.

    Hellriegal for Assault and Bar for Support. The Bar is only a 20 round mag, so your shots do have to be pretty spot on. Have you had a play around with your sensitivity? As that can make a huge difference. Personally I don't believe the notion of 'the higher the sensitivity the better' I'd slowly adjust it to where you're comfortable with and leave it there.
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