Battlefield 1 or Titanfall 2??

    Didn't manage to play the beta for either. Only seen gameplay videos of both. For those of you who played the beta's which would you purchase if you only had one choice and what is your reasoning?

    Feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.


    literally two very different games, I wasn't impressed with the beta for Battlefield but I've decided to give it a shot anyway, graphics are awesome and guns feel great.

    Titanfall I am waiting on as there are so many shooters out around the same time but again it was very fun, loads more content than the previous.

    Battlefield 1.

    Battlefield 1 for me, there's a few other running along walls, boosty jumps and pew pew games around although I did enjoy the TF2 beta.

    Plus you get to decapitate people with swords on horseback. ^.^

    I expect a big TF2 player fall off in its first few months (if the developers don't do something special very quickly), BF1 players will be around awhile I feel.

    Was not impressed by Battlefield 1, Battlefield 4 was much better. I am more inclined to order Titanfall myself, but that's just my humble opinion

    Battlefield 100%


    Original Poster

    Gone for Titanfall 2.

    Battlefield 1 had hackers in the Beta so thats a good start for that one.... Titanfall sucks so hard so idk

    I've gone for both lol
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