Battlefield 3:18 or 16? (pegi rating in the uk)

Found 14th Mar 2012
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yesssss.......... thanks
It's An 18.

It's An 18.

no it's not, 16
16 Pegi
On my copie it has 16 on the cover and 18 on the disk
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no it's not, 16

Just checked my disc, its an 18.

On my copie it has 16 on the cover and 18 on the disk

The pegi rating is 16 on the cover and USK 18 rating on the disc is only applicable to Germany

On my copie it has 16 on the cover and 18 on the disk

That's the usk rating which is for Germany, read the small print under the symbol…ld3
scroll down to near bottom of page

just to clear up the confusion, the pegi is 16, which is what op asked for
Either way it is still not a legally enforceable age restriction.

The current (voluntary) PEGI [Pan European Game Information] rating system only advises on the age range appropriate to view the content of video games.

Any retailer informing you that it against the law to supply to somebody below the age displayed is wrong. They may have their own policy not to supply to minors, but there is nothing in law to suggest they should adopt this approach.

Classifications on games titles (& video-based content) from the British Board of Film Classification [BBFC] are legally enforceable.

Under the Video Recordings Act, most games are exempt from the need to be classified in this manner, though.

Also see:
"Gaming, Kids, Violence & Addiction: Should We Tighten Age Restrictions?" (

(Referencing my "Misc" thread, initially started four years ago, at


The PEGI system classifications were due to become part of UK law in September 2011 but the Government backed-down from the decision to carry this through Parliament.


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