Battlefield 4 PS4 premium help

    So I just bought the following for my PS4.…919

    On the store it says its a 36.4GB download. But when I go into my downloads in notifications it says it is a 1.1MB Battlefield 4 premium add on. Anyone know whats going on? I thought the premium edition contains the standalone game. It is also asking for me to enter a disk when I click on it.



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    Also I had to change my MTU before as I wasn't able to access the store. Wondering if this is related.

    i dont have a ps4 but is it not maybe a small downloader file?
    i assume you have tried it?

    The 1.1mb file is just to activate premium in the game, you then download all the maps from the store (5 in total) which comes to the 36gb download, hope this makes sense

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    Do I need to download the standalone game from the store first?

    I would guess that you need to download the game and the map packs individually.

    Good luck

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    Bloody hell I feel so stupid. But I blame the PSN store its so counterintuitive.
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