Battlefield: Bad Company

I play cod 4, halo 3 online
will i like this
whats your opinion?


Ive played the demo, seems like a great game, im getting it as soon as its out

More a slow paced game than COD, take the plunge as its excellant online and the various classes own COD's.

It's growing on me.

I was a massive BF:MC fan and was a bit disappointed at some of the new stuff like the lack of parachutes and the need to upgrade weapons. After a few more games i'm not missing that stuff as much.

Helicopters suck balls now though as I can't work out how to steer and the artillery gun always has the same little campers using it the whole game. One of the Major problems is the lack of colour-blind option in the HUD, BF:MC had this (only game that did as far as I know) and made it much easier for me.

I have spent the last two bloody hours trying in vain to access my stats via the EA website. It is the most complicated and infuriating process i've ever had to go through for a game.

Loving the game but im not fussed with the following:

Sometimes hard to make who is who, needs more definition, even worse when your health is depleted! get rid of that washed out look when you need a medic!

Needs some sort of command on the d-pad to shout for medics, enemy over there, enemy tank etc etc.

Film grain makes it look, well ****! hate it in some parts when that horrid black grain effect comes over. Makes the game look brown/black and dirty looking.

Voice chat for the full team.

Arty tk'ers need to be shot on sight lol!

BF2 was FANTASTIC - But I'm not too sure about BF:BC after playing the demo....

I'm sticking to COD4, and I have just ordered ET:Quake Wars after playing the demo, it seems to have better gameplay.

i thought the demo was terrible

I thought the BETA was better then the demo.
As it had a dog tags challenge, where you kill like 5 people without dieing with a sniper rifle and you would unlock a sniper dogtag.

Not fussed on the sp but loving the mp, well it ties me over from my addiction to Karkand ;P

Came this morn me lads playing the sp and there looks to be bad image tearing going on.


Not fussed on the sp but loving the mp, well it ties me over from my … Not fussed on the sp but loving the mp, well it ties me over from my addiction to Karkand ;P

Should have included that in this game. great map
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