Battlefield Bad Company 2 on PC

    I'm finding the game will only play smoothly on lowest settings, so i'm guessing its almost time to upgrade my graphics card. Anyone playing it on high settings? what card are you using?

    currently the system I have is an intel quad core 2.33Ghz, 4gb ram, Nvidia Gforce 8500GT 512mb(PCI x16)


    the 8500gt is a very low end grapics card if you want to play it on high settings you will want a ati4890 or an nvidia gtx260 or higher

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    thanks for the reply, is there anyway of knowing what cards can run a game on highest settings before you buy? can't really afford to pay too much just for a graphics card, so want cheapest one possible that can run these kind of games on good settings.

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    ideally i'd like to keep it £100 or less, screen resolution is 1440x900

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    thanks for that, i'm not in any hurry so please let me know how it runs for you.

    also, does buying a 1gb card over a 512mb make a big difference? or is it more down to the make/type of card than the memory.

    What is this game like compared to MW2? - I have just bought a vaio which plays MW2 at 1366-768 resolution in high quality quite well, it should be ok if I lower the graphics shouldnt it?

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    not sure tbh
    i have 1 PCI express x16 slot
    2 PCI slots below that
    1 pci express x4 slot

    the card im currently using in x16 slot is blocking the first PCI slot slightly, which is fine cause im only using the second PCI slot for a usb card.

    motherboard is Gigabyte G33M-S2 - website not showing their products atm

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    oh i see, graphics cards are the one thing about computers i know nothing about :oops:

    does this help? sorry its a bit big

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    model of power supply? it just says Casecom model: ATX 350W


    Ok, will probably need a new power supply then for a better card. Which … Ok, will probably need a new power supply then for a better card. Which for a decent one is about £40 - 50, but the good thing with a PSU is they never go out of date, so once you have it it's fine till it breaks and you can move it to new PCs.

    I run my old 8800 GTS on a 350W power supply and it worked 100 % fine.


    Should be ok then. Official specs are 400-450 though, so it depends on … Should be ok then. Official specs are 400-450 though, so it depends on how good the power supply is, ones that come free with cases are generally poor.

    Yer, it was a dell intel quad core, worked fine tho, as long as you only have one optical and one hard drive I Would think it would be fine
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