Battlefield Bad Company Demo Code have been sending out ps3 codes to xbox gamers and xbox codes to ps3 codes. If anyone could PM me a PS3 code which they do not need could you please give it to me.

    Thanks very much


    this on beta (AGAIN)??

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    no a demo code

    If anyone could send me over an Xbox code id be more than grateful.

    Id like one of these too if soomeone has them avaliable and they are not cancelled:)

    ive been playing it, very cool def going to buy it - youve only got 3 days to wait till its downloadable now anyway

    if someone could send me a spare ps3 code as well plz oredered it from gamestop in america but they bever sent a code out.


    Please could someone send me a ps3 code please

    i will give you rep evryday for a week:-D

    the codes are single use i believe, however there is a work around apparently for those of you that cant wait.…tml

    maybe not easy but , hey.....

    PS3 if anyone can get me one

    And if anyone forgot i gave out 3 XBOX beta codes on here for nothing when it first hit Live (pats self on back) ;P

    Any xbox codes going guys ?


    Any 360 codes about ?

    Trying this PS3 hax thingy for BF ;/

    wouldn't mind a 360 code, will swap one for my amazon voucher if ya like

    Rep added for cold toast.

    Demo comes out on Thursday I think.

    I take it no one has any then lol! how about a fiver? ;/

    Woohoo managed to do the hax thingy! im dl'ing as i type ;D

    So glad i play FPS on my PC as this looks naff :P very grainy and the lighting is weird just like the frigging beta.

    Oh well im going on a spare code as well .....lalalala

    EDIT:oh big bollx ive treble posted >.

    Original Poster

    Can you please PM me your code:)

    i thought the graphics were alot better then bf2 personally
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