Battlefield: BC2 - How to buy another VIP code?

    Hi folks.

    Quick question. I got BFBC2 today, and used the VIP code, fine. However my brother on his Xbox would also like to download the map but of course I have used the code. We checked the store and there doesn't seem to be a way to buy another VIP code for M$ points.

    Is there any other way of buying one? (Aside from buying a new copy of the game, stupid EA).



    Use the VIP code you received with your game purchase to download additional multiplayer maps at no additional cost! No VIP Code? The VIP Code is available for purchase via the in-game store*.
    *PC players will get the same content at no extra cost

    This is what they mention in the email they sent me.

    Sorry to revive, but does anyone know if these codes are region-specific? I.e. is there a set of codes that are released in the US (NTSC), and a different set of codes released in the UK (PAL)? Cheers.
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