Battlefield multiplayer online

    Hi, I haven't played battlefield in a long time and have purchased the new game. I can't get online, do I need ea access or just Xbox gold?


    Just xbox gold

    and a server that is up !

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    and a server that is up !

    So is the server down the reason it's saying I am offline?

    Yup. Been issues all day, it's not your connection don't worry.

    PSN/Twitter/Amazon have had a ddos attack, so Xbox could also be down.

    No need for a centralised server system, purely to protect revenue. Not that im pi$$ed off because i worked all day wanting to get on BF1 when i got home.

    everyone giving you the answer I was about to

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    Great thanks everyone

    Xbox Live is good as I am playing Overwatch but the Battlefield servers are being DDOS'd as Jonny mentioned above

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    It's up and runnng now
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