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Battlefield V pc lagging

Posted 19th Dec 2019
Anyone else have problems with battlefield V lagging issues? I had it with Fifa but I’ve sorted that out now, I do honestly think origin doesn’t help, i never have issues on steam or epic games etc
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I have battlefield v and have occasional lag spikes but I'm upgrading my pc soon. Depends on your pc specs I guess
You asked yourself the same question a few days ago about FIFA, and said that it was "lagging" when you were playing it single player mode.


It's not going to be because of Origin, it's just a launcher, once you select the game then that's it. Your problems with "lagging", which I'm guessing are performance and frame rate drops are likely to be down to the settings on your PC, or having other processes running in the background. In the other thread I suggested playing FIFA with your PC in "flight mode" with wi-fi and bluetooth disabled, and any background downloads or non-essential processes stopped to see if it lags then. Did you try doing that? You can also try playing it with your PC in Safe Mode, and also with all graphical settings in game turned down to their lowest. Go back to FIFA and keep doing that until you can work out what it is that is making your game run slow and what settings make it run fine.
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Why be so rude? I'm trying to help you.
Also what cpu and GPU do you have?
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