baxi combi boiler help & poss advice on replacement

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Found 10th Dec 2007
Hia, we have a baxi bahama 100 (also maybe a sentinel 100x depending on what sticker you look at?) which is playing up.

It's been cutting out for a while now when you run hot water - instead of heating the water it just goes off (the power is still on but no lights anywhere apart from the power light). Turning the boiler off for a few mins then back on again seems to make it work again for a while.

We had an engineer out to have a look at it and he said it maybe a faulty sensor (which has something to do with swapping from heating to water & back) which he is trying to order (it's been 3 weeks now!) but last night things got a bit worse.

Without running water at all & with the boiler set to heating only it kept cutting out about every 15mins and after a while the old off & on again trick seemed to stop working too. We left it off overnight & this morning it's working again but still needs turning on & off again quite often.

The engineer that came out said it was an old system that hasn't been made for at least 5 years is this true (so far I've paid £57 for him to tell me my boiler is old!) and what sort of thing should I be looking at replacing it with if need be - I have no idea which makes are good & what sort of efficiency ratings I should be looking at.

It's a 3 Bedroom semi by the way if that makes much differnece. I'm going to post over here too after doing some searching around here for similar posts ( )

Cheers for any advice my GF keeps shouting at me & I no nothing about boilers!

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Go to a plumbers merchant, an independant one is usually best.
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