Bay sniper app

    I'm after an item on 'the bay', but don't want to spend too much. I did have a sniper years ago that was quite good, but don't remember its name.

    Can someone recommend me a free one please?


    Know quite a few people that've used it successfully. Don't know how secure it is though with putting ebay userid and pass in though...

    goofbay, only ever let me down when I changed my ebay password and didnt update it on goofbay

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    Cheers guys, I'll be looking at them now

    If you use Firefox, you can get the Myibay extension - seems to work fine for me

    I also used to use Prospector, which was years ago so there's probably better bits of software out there now.


    I used one can't remember the name it bought loads of stuff I didn't want, got my ebay account cancelled over it

    I use justsnipe. Get 5 free a week.

    EZsniper here.

    +1 for GoofBay
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