Posted 2nd Sep 2022
I had a new bathroom ceiling light fitted a couple of years ago and it takes a bayonet light bulb. It used to be really bright, but around 5 weeks ago it started to flicker quite a bit but didn't go out. However, for the past 3 weeks the light has stopped flickering, comes on but is not bright at all. It is quite dark in the bathroom even when the light is switched on.

I thought it might be the lightbulb on the way out, so went to replace it, but I can't remove it as it seems to be jammed tight - it is a bayonet type. I had to remove the globe shade first and I have noticed that the workman who installed the light fitting (a replacement for a previous light) has only inserted one screw (there are 3 screw holes) to fix the light fitting to the ceiling (the loft is above the bathroom), so it does not feel that secure (moves a bit when I'm trying to remove the bulb).

Can somebody tell me the best way to remove the bulb without it breaking in my hand? The council put the new light fitting in when the house was rewired, but I don't really want to have to get them out if it is something that can be sorted out quite easily by myself. Any suggestions would be most welcome, thank you.
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    Can't you just replace the fitting with a new pendant one? They are less than a couple of pounds -….ds
    Don't need to fit the whole thing if you don't want , just change the bit the bulb fits in.
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    I would absolutely encourage @Sophiasky to call the council the moment this project gets out of their comfort/experience zone.

    "Hey, that light-fitting you fitted has got a bulb jammed in it and I can't get it out, please send someone round for 15mins to repair it" is a lot better than
    "I melted the wiring in my house, tore a hole in the ceiling and dropped a hammer though the basin, please send someone round after I come back from A&E for treatment for electrical shock, glass in my hand, a mashed thumb and a broken ankle from falling off the ladder"
  2. Mendoza's avatar
    my sister had this same problem..

    she used brute force, and the bulb smashed, luckily it was wrapped..

    the metal part stayed attached to where it screws in, my father used pliers to detach it
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    Hold a bin right up to the bulb and smash it, use eye protection, then use pliers to get what's left out.
  4. ibiza's avatar
    Use gloves that will protect you from broken glass, like Uvex Unidor, but also put an old sock over the bulb so it collects any bits if you smash it.

    If it does smash, mole grips are best to remove what's left. (edited)
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    Corrosion from steam and maybe that's caused the poor connection and trouble. Push and wiggle. That's all you can do in the hope it comes out
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    Somebody mentioned using a bit more force and to use a tea towel to protect my hand in case it breaks. However, what do I actually do if the bulb does break and part of it is left in the ceiling light fitting - do I then have to unscrew the ceiling plate and disconnect the wires to get the fitting down (I have to stand on a chair to reach it all)? Thank you.
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    Wrap it in a tea towel and be a bit more forceful.

    That way, if you do break it, you won't cut your hand.
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    Do you have any idea why it has got stuck like that - I can push it up but then I cannot turn it at all so that it is released from the holder? Thank you.
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    Hold light fitting so it stays secure with one hand and unscrew bulb?
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    It's not the screw type of bulb - it is the type that you push in and then you have the two 'pins' on each side that slot in when you twist the bulb slightly - just wish it was the other type of bulb as probably wouldn't have had an issue with it. Thank you for the suggestion though.
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    Makes sure power is OFF!
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    What happened @Sophiasky ?
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