Bazr Owl terrorises Middlesbrough Is It True?

Found 21st Jan 2007
Just found this ment to be working but can't be bothered, if its true have you seen him? :giggle:

giant owl is terrorising shoppers and drinkers in Middlesbrough town centre.

The bird, capable of taking foxes and small deer, launches itself off high roofs and swoops on passers-by, reports the Sun.

The eagle owl, which has a 5ft wingspan, set up home on the roof of Middlesbrough train station in September - but turned nasty over Christmas.

Craig Smith told how the bird swooped on him from behind as he ran through the station car park to catch a train.

He recalled: "I heard a loud woo-woo noise and looked over my shoulder to see this creature with silver wings, claws stretched out.

"I ran as fast as I could on to the platform and it flew away. On Christmas Eve I saw it go for a man coming out of a pub and chase him down the street."

Another victim dad-of-four Mark Fryett, 40, said: "I was leaving work when I heard a hoot and a whoosh and saw this big white face coming at me. I put my arm up and hit its wing and it fell on the floor, but got up again and flew off.

"I was really shaken up. It was like something out of Harry Potter - I thought it was going to pick me up! I went home and called police, but I think they thought I was drunk."

Rachael Stewart, of the Kirkleatham Owl Centre in Redcar, North Yorks, said: "We think it must have escaped from a travelling show.

"Volunteers have tried to catch it a couple of times. It's not dangerous to people but it will have to hunt to survive. It could easily kill a cat or small dog."
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Musical condoms and now this? Your posts have me 'owling' with laughter

Musical condoms and now this? Your posts have me 'owling' with laughter

hahahahaha !!

Musical condoms and now this? Your posts have me 'owling' with laughter

Thats was quite funny and quick hey give a guy a break I'm bored out my mind I'm sure I can dig up some more crap :-D
It's just celebrating the recent goal frenzy at the boro...and about time too!
Ah so thats what happened to Big Sams team the owl had em
Tis true,i've been rumbled,i personally trained the owl (barney) to attack visiting teams and supporters to the Boro and it all paid of on Saturday when it frightened the life out of Big Sams lot and we stuffed them.:giggle:
Seriously though,this is the first i've heard of it,i live local and i read the Sun.:roll:
just made me chuckle when I saw it so thought I would post it for all too see!!!!
I use the train station every day and I've never seen this bird. I feel left out! :-(
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