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For those who missed the show -

All the chavvy louts of this country should get this treatment!!

I forgot what it was called, but two teenagers who dropped out of school didnt respect their parents and were smoking weed and other usual bad parenting teen stuff - Came on today BBC Three.

Were sent to Africa to spend some time with another family LOL!!!

They learnt their lesson in ten days!!

Better than the years of counselling you'll get over here!!


Sounds interesting.

Its on bbc3 now it's called the worlds strictest parents

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mark halsall;6730768

Its on bbc3 now it's called the worlds strictest parents

yeahhhhhh thats the one!!!

theres a funny bit in there where one of the african guys is trying to say that a child cannot have adult rights and a parent must educate the child in right and wrong,

but instead he comes out

children have no rights whatsoever lol and hes holding a cane in his hand :-D

Sounds interesting, I will have to give this a watch when I get some free time
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