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    Hi all, don't know the possabilities around this, but really want to download a programme from Iplayer, maybe to AVI file, so that I can use it for work. Does anyone know if this is possible, the file I believe is going to delete in a few hours, so would really like know if I download it, will it self destruct of my hard drive in the same time period. I have tried googling, but all the posts seem to be from 2008, and don't know whether the rules have changed since then. Any help would be very much appreciated.


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    Thanks for the above will check it out asap. I'm usually good at this sort of thing

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    Looks just like what I was after, will let you know how I get on- thanks again.

    or try tunebite

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    It seems to have downloaded fine using DH058977 suggested, it now plays fine on my PC. I am a slightly concerned that it won't play after today, so I am going to convert it to DVD. Hopefully this way I'll defo have at least 1 working version. Big thanks to everyone that has helped


    Sweet! TY


    easier to just torrent the programmes. has most popular uk shows


    easier to just torrent the programmes. has most popular uk shows

    Im a big fan of TVTorrents. I'm a member of many sites and this seems to have torrents i can't find anywhere else.

    tune bite is another software which lets you dl
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