BBC iplayer, ITV player, and 4OD all in one place.

    I thought this might help someone (it maybe old news and I am just behind the times!).

    I have come accross a windows media plugin that gets you all of the above in one place. I have tried it and it works well.…php?option=com_content&view=article&id=9:iplayer-mce&catid=1:software&Itemid=11

    You can use plugins as well such as tv catchup

    There is also a website that combines them all as well.


    Hulu also does this, and much more

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    Hulu also does this, and much more

    Is hulu also for the uk like the ones above (ive never heard of it). I will have a look on google.

    Hulu appears to be just for US TV whereas the Milliesoft Tunerfree MCE does UK TV plus all the catalogue of Hulu (if you live in the US - according to its own description). It also states that it covers live UK TV as well as catch-up.

    The TunerFree MCE looks interesting I may give it a try - thanks.

    EDIT - just spotted it's for Windows Media Centre only so I can't give it a go.

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    Hulu seems very good as well but I thinks its USA telly?


    Hulu is coming to the UK this year

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    What do people think?
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