BBC iPlayer now on Nintendo Wii

Found 9th Apr 2008
Last month we made BBC iPlayer available on Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch devices, the first of many mobile platforms that we hope to support.

The theme for this month's iPlayer release is "iPlayer in the living room"- i.e. watching BBC on-demand programmes on your big-screen television set.

Today, most people watch iPlayer programmes on their computer. That's great - you can watch your favourite BBC programmes curled up in bed with your notebook PC, or on your study desk while you check your email, or (if you downloaded our programmes) on the plane or away abroad on holiday.

But have you tried hooking up your computer to your TV set?

iPlayer programmes, particularly downloaded programmes, look great on a TV. The video quality is usually even better when iPlayer programmes are played back on a TV than on your computer screen. Most newish computers, particularly notebook computers, have an S-video output, which, with a suitable S-video to SCART cable, can connect to most modern TV sets. If you have an LCD or plasma TV, chances are that it will have a VGA input which will give even better picture quality when connected to the VGA output of your notebook PC.

If you have a Nintendo Wii, it's already connected to your TV, and now you can play BBC iPlayer programmes directly on your Wii.

On your Wii, you'll first need to install the Internet Channel, which costs 500 Wii points, or approx. £3.50 (unfortunately there's no alternative to having to buy the Wii Internet Channel for iPlayer web site access at this time - but later we hope to be able to get iPlayer on Wii without this purchase being needed). After you've installed the Internet Channel, browse to…yer, find your favourite programme, and hit Play. The programme should play immediately.

For a smooth playback experience on Wii you'll need an internet connection that can give you 1Mbps or better. If you're experiencing buffering issues, try turning off any P2P or other downloads that are running on other computers around your home.

iPlayer on Wii is still in beta, and over the coming weeks we'll tweak the video encoding rates and playback window size to get the best possible video quality.
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Nice. But I would much rather have them create a Media Centre plug in so I can watch it on my Media Centre PC
ooooh I'll have to look into that ;-)
i'd rather they finally did a linux version, quality of the flash movies isn't great...
nice 1 i wll give it a go
Great, does this mean it will shortly be available through Xbox 360, or like the above post says, via Media Player would open it up to so many more people...
i use iplayer a lot on my pc gonna try this now nice find thanks:thumbsup:
8meg connection and its still jumpy........seems its not the download but the wii software as it plays fine on my PC. can zoom in using the + button...still not watchable yet via the wii.Maybe soon.
I thought that there was going to be a Wii channel on the Home Screen, rather than having to go thru the browser, and loading up…yer?
Hey don't knock it. Last week we couldn't watch it via the Wii, this week we can. I see that as a step forwards. Remember this is in beta and they have said there is work to do.

Well done to the Beeb, keep it up.:thumbsup:
dreaming of a PS3 version just sat there on the media bar...
Not that impressed with this (yes, I know, free and all that). The two main things I wanted was the ability to have full screen video (at the moment, I have to zoom in) and also to have the main home page Wii size (because having to scroll left and right is such a pain). Still, free is free, and it's only in beta.

dreaming of a PS3 version just sat there on the media bar...

install linux on your ps3 and voila

install linux on your ps3 and voila

yup could do that, but wouldn't it be nice just sat there natively?
It would be nice if it was made into a proper Wii Channel
]BBC - interesting read

"Wii becomes home of online video

How ironic that it is the Nintendo Wii, and not the Playstation 3 nor Xbox 360, that becomes the first of the current generation of consoles to have a truly dynamic range of online video content."
They are making a Wii channel, it's just not launched yet - this is all beta remember. Launching later this year.

No PS3 or Xbox 360 for now as MS and Sony made too many demands on the BBC, whereas Nintendo took their arms off when they asked. Canny. Expect MS and Sony to come crawling back when they finally 'get it'.

They are also doing iPlayer for normal TV - I assume this will be via the red button on digital TV. Also currently planned for later this year.
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