BBC iPlayer on Xbox (XBMC)

Found 1st May 2008
For those of you who got modded first-gen Xbox with XBMC on it - you can watch BBC iPlayer on it. The only difficulty is that each program will be downloaded in full before you can start watching it. No PC required of course.

If you never heard about iPlayer before, take a look at this page:…er/

The process is fairly simple but requires some technical knowledge.

1. Download latest XMBC from SVN - search for t3ch in google and take the first link.
2. Don't forget to backup your settings (unless you want to start from the scratch, of course).
3. Unpack and install XBMC (take a look at readme file first)
4. Download the script from…er/
5. Copy it to E:AppsXBMCScriptsiplayer
6. Enjoy.
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Don't have one, but this is a great guide. TV on demand is well on its way to success.
I was watching old TopGear programmes using the script yesterday - works pretty well
I'm using this on a 20Mb connection - very fast... love my XBMC boxes
oh thanks for the tip! We get BBCiplayer on virgin (catch up on demand) but this is good to know.
Good to know, will have a play around with this. Cheers
On the wii go to [url][/url].
On the ps3 go to [url][/url].
On a russian space craft use a pencil.

Myth busters my derrière!
how do i back up the settings please?
im on 2007 build
Just copy UserData directory to your PC and then restore it back, after new version installed.
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