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    There is a story on the…stm bbc website , with the opening paragraph:

    " Poor people who live in rich neighbourhoods in the US are more likely to die than those who live in disadvantaged areas, a study says. "

    Now, surely everyone who is born is not likely, but guaranteed to die, at some stage? What a poor piece of journalism. It should read, more likely to die young, or eloborate on why they will die, even in the opening gambit.:x


    I agree with you boydent999. It's a tabloid headline isn't it.

    To be honest though, you had to point it out to me. :-(

    I like that the statistical difference that they felt the need to write an article about was less than .8 precent.

    stats can be made to say what you want anyway.

    Surely this should have been a weighted sample anyway, as i would imagine there was a higher d ensity of poor people outside of rich enviroments (i.e more of them) so a like for like sample is inappropriate?

    Been a while since ive looked at sampling theory though, at least directly!"

    Lies, damn lies and statistics.
    - Mark Twain

    Think about how stupid the average person is; now realise half of them are dumber than that.
    - George Carlin

    47.3% of all statistics are made up on the spot.
    - Steven Wright

    You're right devalia. The percentage of poor people should have been given a weighted mean dependant on the ratio of poor:rich I would have thought.

    I would have done the same as ducky though and scanned the news as usual and not noticed the misleading headline.

    Why do we care about poor Americans anyway?


    Lies, damn lies and statistics.- Mark Twain

    You can prove anything with facts.
    - Taxi driver I had the pleasure of talking to the other day, lol


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