BBC licence fee may be merged with Council tax - doesn’t seem very fair

Posted 1st Jan 2023
Hello. Just seen this on another website. Options being put forward for scrapping the BBC tv licence. One is to add it aa an extra charge onto Council tax bills. Or as a household levy. Crazy. I can see this being unpopular. Just thought I’d share.…ed/
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    make it subscription only see how mamy people watch this trash
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    Your sensationalist source doesn't provide any details on what the money was spent on, but it does say

    The revamp included revisions to tech, modernisation, joining of services and audience navigation

    So not just the cost of designing and printing new logos on everything.

    Also, bear in mind that the BBC has a commercial arm to sell stuff overseas. That currently adds a couple of hundred million pounds a year into the main budget, so if spending 7 million keeps those profits up then it makes sense to update this sort of stuff on a commercial timescale rather than a public service one.
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    Maybe their Lordships should look at re valuation of properties first. Far more pressing and would raise a massive amount of lost revenue.
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    Compulsory Woke Payment
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    "Speaking to the Times, the corporation's boss - an ex-Goldman Sachs banker - said the license feew as "great value" "

    Pity the viewers don't share his opinion. Make it subscription only, then he'll see how good it is.
    Subscription is a better option yes but knowing this govt they’ll want to force everyone to pay. Even if they don’t watch it. Then they’ll say it’s a fair system as everyone is paying. Obviously it won’t be. As you’ll have to pay for ‘not watching’. (edited)
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    I refuse to pay for tv licence. Send me to jail. Few nights in a cell will be fine. Might even be in profit after, with the gas and electric I'll save.
    You'll get free TV in jail as well!
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    Scrap the BBC as far as I am bothered. I only watch the odd programme. I can take it or leave it. There are plenty of other sources I can find just as good or possibly better material on. That I can “choose” to pay for (ie subscription) rather than be “forced” to pay as we are now and very likely will be in the future by the sounds of it.

    Anyways it’s getting late now just thought I’d share in case anyone hasn’t seen this. Happy New Year all. (edited)
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    the big issue is the BBC just simply squanders the tv licence tax on majority trash as wastefulness, all broadcast tv is transmitted via a digital signal these day so i see no reason why the BBC do not encrypt their signal like sky do to block their services to people who chose not to pay for them, how can the approach - you have a TV so you have to pay us, be justifiable these days when they can encrpt their signal instead?
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    I don’t own a TV, so would obviously object to this idea. I’m sure the BBC would love it though.
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    They've had many similar proposals like this in the past and nothing has ever come to light.

    They can't afford to have a "public consultation" either because they'll be told, quite definitively, that the vast majority of the public would prefer that the BBC either take adverts or become an optional subscriber service.
    The one that sticks in my mind from years ago was a BBC proposal to include radio in the fee, and classify cars as a separate location, meaning they wanted us to pay twice if we wanted to listen to Bruno Brookes doing the top 40 countdown while driving home from the golf course!
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    Have the rules changed recently to allow political threads? There's nothing much more political than taxes. (edited)
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    Well, it looks like this political thread is staying open.

    Culture is important so the idea of the licence fee is to ensure that a lot of the money being spent on video watching goes to fund videos commissioned and produced in the UK.

    Obviously it's been hopelessly mismanaged by the current government and it's predecessors. It goes completely against the point to apply it to UK broadcasters but not foreign ones and it should have been required for Netflix et al at least a decade ago.

    But with more foreign video than ever being watched in the UK, the principle of a tax to fund productions for the UK market is more relevant now that it has been any time in the last half century.

    So I think we should still have some sort of revamped licence fee. I can understand why people may not want to see it go to the BBC as the TV division has been struggling a bit recently (although many other arms are doing excellent work).

    However, none of the other British broadcasters are more worthy and splitting the budget between all of them might not work that well.

    While there are certainly alternatives we'd probably need a government with more vision to set them up. Perhaps some sort of youtube model might work, although youtube seems have struggled with the fiction side of things.
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    If the huge salaries paid to the "stars" came out of subscriptions, I won't mind. But if it comes out of my TV tax, I do mind!
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    *Coughs and raises hand from the back*, errr we don't have Council Tax in N.Ireland. We do pay "Rates" which are kind of similar.
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    What a unique concept: people complaining about being obligated to pay for public services they don't use.
    My child-less neighbour kicks off about paying for schools, youth support, libraries and other stuff.
    Presumably a proportion of the population expects a bespoke-calculated CT bill, and presumably would be happy to pay a small additional fee to cover the cost of the bespoke calc.
    Your neighbour might be glad one day when he needs help from those doctor people that went to school.
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    The French had a similar system until last year when they scrapped their TV licence. You had to opt out each year if you didn't have a TV.
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    what a new year surprise ...especially when not having tv or any interest to it
    The question is would you mind paying for it through council tax or whatever if it came to it.
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    They want this because so many people have cancelled their license
    Remember the Poll Tax riots?
    BBC riots if they add that onto CT bills.
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