BBC Sports site any good?

    Anyone else think that the bbc sport website is a mess?


    dont like it.

    its horrible

    YES! I won't be using it as much as I did until, hopefully, it's toned down a little as I found it difficult to read and follow sections. It's just too bright and too busy - am I getting old????

    If it ain't broke.....

    Hate it

    wtf,navigation is poo!

    Has there ever been a redesigned website that anyone has liked? Facebook, BBC, Hotukdeals - always the same initial reaction.


    It looks like you have accidentally clicked and it has highlighted something you didn't want it to. I reckon it will grow on me.

    I think Youtube has by far had the worst redesign imo

    its a bit........YELLOW

    There's a lot of blue

    same as any site these days & this one included, they are pandering to the tablet/mobile users & forgetting the folk that still use pc's !
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