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    Had the desire since bankhol in May. Im on 3's network and have 'unlimited' internet. I have the handy network monitor tool on there and have used around 350mb since.I assumed that it was allowed upto a 1Gb as fair play, but it seems that its only 500mb.

    Now just an observation. Today I checked the network monitor before work and id used about 600kb. Now once I went on BBC WC website this jumped to around 30mb after only say 3 minutes of browsing.

    A hell of a big jump and a lot of your allowance. Anyone else experience issue? Why does their site use soooo much data? Im not streaming just simply browsing the football pages.


    Their site doesn't use that much data. Either a mistake or it's added it all up from the whole day or something. Maybe just from syncing or something. I've never used more than 16mb in a day, browsing several websites including the BBC.

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    deffo seems to be that website. before i went on it i probably used around 1.2mb. will try it via wifi & see if that tells a different story.

    i also use google talk, but this is just text updates so cant see that using that much.

    would would the desire actually sync?

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    just done a quick check via wifi. initially it had 3.69mb. after visiting bbc world cup site & having a browse for around 4 mins the use data is now 8.56mb.

    thats from a fresh boot aswell so nothing else open.

    Did you use the main site or the mobile site? The main site looks pretty flashy so it may well use up that much data?

    My apparent data usage jumped after getting my Motorola -milestone ( running android OS)
    ..and this was not doing anything much simply because it is an android phone which relies on being "connected" for most of its functionality. anyway got a text from vodafone to say I was fast approaching my limit & the next bunch of megabytes was going to be charged at £5.
    I called up & had a rant..The first person I spoke didn't have a clue about the android setup so hung up and called back , second chap was more helpful..He went away for a while & returned to say my usage was not capped as I was using an android phone. It was then followed up with a network text message to confirm this
    I know the early adopters of the android phone( pulse ) on Tmobile PAYG were maxing out credit topup very early on . Customer services sorted it out after a flood of complaints. Customers were either sent new SIMS or had the service modified so the "always-on-connection" didn't eat excessively into their credit. Some of the Tmobile voice PAYG SIMS support the £20 for 6month internet access. Other Tmobile voice PAYG sims do not..minefield getting it rectified if you apply the £20 to the wrong type of SIM
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