BBC World cup - what was that music?

    BBC World cup - just 2 minutes ago, they were showing the highlights of Germany demolishing Argentina. It was a sort of piano/instrumental track - Mrs trying to know what it was? Anyone know?


    i think it is rainbow nation by k'naan , atleast it was one of their opening music tracks


    lcd soundsystem gets played, although it sounds more like the strokes guitars…ted

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    Thanks for the ideas guys but as i said it was a piano/instrumental track... these don't seem to fit the bill.

    not this is it?


    not really piano, but it is playing it now


    not this is it?] really … not this is it?] really piano, but it is playing it now

    This what i was going to suggest.

    It's none of the above i have the track on my itunes, their are lyrics but for the life of me i have no idea.

    Is it on iplayer?

    OP, It was Kasabian's Underdog :thumbsup:
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