BBC4 Electric Dreams 1 of 3 tonight 1970's

    3 parter, tonight was the 70's, 80's next week then the 90's, dont know if anyone watched this, it was superb, bought back so many memories as a youngster, some of todays youngsters should take a trip back to the 70's.

    The Sullivan-Barnes family from Reading are a thoroughly modern family who own the latest in 21st century gadgetry. In a unique experiment they were stripped of all their modern tech and their own home was taken back in time so that they could live with the technology of earlier decades. The family lived a year per day starting in 1970 right up to the year 2000.

    Mum Struggles with the twin tub.
    The experiment was designed to show just how much technology has changed the British home and the British family. How would a modern family cope with one black and white television set, one shared dial telephone in the hallway and no central heating in 1970?

    Would the lack of multiple screens and technology-free bedrooms encourage them to spend more time together or just result in very bored children? How would they fare without the labour-saving domestic technology we now take for granted?

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