BBC4 Kraftwerk : Do they actually play anything?

    Just watched a reply of Kraftwerk 'in concert' last night (Minimum Maximum). Really good, but just wondered do they actually play anything? I know it would all be pre-programmed and really slick, so then you have 4 guys standing at custom 'consoles' that seem to be just randomly playing with sliders and twisting knobs etc.


    Yes they do but are probably 'miming', similar to most Pop stars nowadays

    ]Bobby Moore foundation.

    I caught a bit of it last night and wondered why people would go to their concerts.

    i saw them in germany back in june at a music festival - best band i saw.

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    Yep, i've seen them before, slick visuals and a bit of technology, I like the music, but just watching this I guess ity just looks like 4 guys standing there (der man machines) but close ups of the keyboards seem to just have random twiddling of knobs and stuff.


    are you being serious.......

    next youll be saying all dance artists cant/dont perform live

    back to pop idol/xfactor for you

    big up the kraftwerk

    Just remeber these guys were the forefathers of modern dance music as we know it. While most people where listening to cheezy 80s pop bands these guys were building their own technology and inventing what has become know today as techno/trance/dance.

    Kraftwerk have inspired most modern dance acts of today and are still one of the most highly valued artists of that genre. Yep the music is sequenced, but my god they had it in their brains to invent that much before the likes of Akai, Steinberg, etc even came up with the idea of sequencers or samplers.

    Think about the era that these guys came from and then wow at what they were about back then and how they even had the notion to pioneer their style when noone else had even came up with the idea.

    True pioneers... genius at its best.

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    I think you guys are starting to go off on the wrong tracks making your speeches abut their contribution to the music scene and I don't need to be told to watch the X factor. I knew about Kraftwerk in the 1970's , have been to see them, have followed electronic music for years, had my own synth etc.etc. people are so quick aren't they to jump in and have a go thinking they are one up on other people. I was actually watching Kraftwerk on tv which must give some indication I like them.
    It was a simple enough point, do they actually do anything when they are playing 'live' in this film? The twiddling of switches etc. doesn't seem to be relevant to the music playing. i thought i might get an answer from someone who actually knew.


    I caught a bit of it last night and wondered why people would go to their … I caught a bit of it last night and wondered why people would go to their concerts.

    Probably the same theory could be applied to the dance music scene.

    I don't think there is a ny doubting the contribution they have made to music, it's just on a concert form it doesnt work at all

    Noones having a go blackcloud, certainly not me anyway. I was just pointing out how great they were/are... and its good to know you appreciate them also. A small bit of trivia for you... i used to work in the music industry and had a few minor releases alongside music in games. I loved and appreciated Kraftwerk so much for their contribution to electronic music my remix name was Hütter ;-)

    As for the knob twiddling then the answer would most probs be no. Its the usual for pre sequenced music, much the same as the likes of the Prodigy. Watch Liam do a live set and he really does ferk all. There maybe the odd line that hes got linked up to his synth that he can muck about with the LFO or filters... but other than that its all sequenced. I actually knew one of the old roadies for The Prodigy and back in the old days of Jilted he reconed most of it was on DAT and not even sequenced, due to the instability of sequencing live.

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    Thanks Squelds, pretty much as I expected, it was more for show than anything, great band though.
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