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In many articles i've read about documentary series The Vietnam War on US websites, it's referred to as an 18-hour TV series. However, on BBC4 it's being shown in 10 one-hour parts. Are we seeing an edited version or is the US running time including adverts?
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A very good series factual, neutral and not as judgemental as most documentaries on the subject , it doesn't appear edited to me . 18 x 35 minute chunks for US seems about right if you consider extra opening titles ,closing titles and 3 or 4 ad breaks . Recording the series , just watched the first two so far .
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Agree, looks to be a very good series - very educational, so much that I did not know and I've just seen the first episode so far!

I think the BBC showing must be edited - if you view it on Kodi (or one of the Android apps) each of the 10 episodes are between 1:20 and 1:45 long. These are running times without adverts.

I have been recording it but will have a look at the longer episodes online first.
Gollywood36 m ago

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I watched the first 5 episodes, very good and goes far beyond the usual "war" with extensive background going back to ww2. Adding up the time for each episode (sans ads) from IMDb gives a total of 16.5 hours. A typical broadcast hour is 45 mins of a show, so 16.5 would be 22 hours, though it's not in 1 hour chunks so maybe less ad time but I'd still say 18 hours is way out. Whatever way you look at it, a long way from 10 hours so must be edited versions.
Thanks to all who replied. Think i'll pick up the (presumably unedited) DVD.
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