Found 26th Jun 2008
Looking for the cheapest possible two burner gas bbq. I found one at home base for £42 including delivery but thought I could do better. Apparently there is a B&Q sale on tomorrow but I cant find anything advertising it? Any deals would be much appreciated the next sunny day!

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Well it depends how much your going to use it? Are you going to use it more than £42 times over the course of its life (say life is 4 years leading to 10 a year - with British weather!). Poundland are selling disposables ones for £1 each which could work out cheaper... also save cost of the gas...

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Not quite the same using the disposables. The advantage of gas is it can be used instantly. I have a friend who uses his to cook sausages or steak all year round. A bit over kill but I think I'll do similar things with pork belly...........mmmmmmmmm............pork belly

hiya i had a gas two burner job and ive gone back to charcoal its much nicer indeed, but if you really want one i saw a 3 burner in asda earlier today for 39!!! i think the third burner is on the side but its still a good price, make sure you put plenty of lava rocks in it to add to the flavour though, or do what i used to do and cheat and chuck some smoke chips in there too!!!

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Thanks Mark. I went down to the local ASDA and although I didnt find the exact model you were speaking of ASDA are doing a two burner for £40 which is £10 less than everywhere else. Took me two and a half hours to put together but I predict a good night tomorrow. Rain or shine! Cheers mate.
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