BBQ starter chimney

Posted 27th May
I’m fairly new to using a BBQ due to having a flat before. I have noticed a lot of people prefer to start by using a starter chimney.
Any recommendations on one that will last and of good quality?
Also, do you use this then add more charcoal once the starter gets going?

Thanks in advance
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I have a seriously cheap Tesco one that cost about £5 and the posh Weber one, no difference in the way they work, but the Weber ones is much better quality.

I do add more to the BBQ if needed, but the starter does the trick for me, but I do use real lumpwood charcoal and not briquettes.
What jetskichimp said...I have a Weber one but would buy a £5 Aldi version next time. It’s just a tube of metal.
Lumpwood charcoal all the way, I find restaurant grade Big K best. It burns forever and really hot so you don’t need to keep adding (necessarily).
Chimney starter is one of the best things I bought, BBQ game changing in my opinion.
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I've had a cheap one (Wilko I think) for about 20 years now, works fine still.
My bbq is only small, so i only fill it about half way. Don't know what you do if your bbq takes more charcoal than your chimney - buy 2 I guess
Personally, I prefer briquettes as they burn uniformly and once you get used to them, I find them easier to maintain a steady heat.
Either way, stay away from instant charcoal unless you like the taste of parrafin or whatever they are soaked in.
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