BBQ Universal Rotisseries - Do they work?

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Found 16th May 2011
I love a bit of barbecuing in the summer, and like idea of a rotisserie to add a bit of variety to things.

The only problem is, my BBQ doesn't have a dedicated one for it, or even the slots through the lid where one could fit, so I thought that a universal one might be just the ticket.

My BBQ is a Campingaz Adelaide 4 burner one, one side has cast iron bars, the other a flat plate.

Has anyone got one of the universal fit rotisseries? How do the stands work? Would they fit on cast iron grills? What about on the flat plate side?

Do they even work? (IE allow you to roast a chicken or similar)

I'm really wanting to buy one, but am not sure they would fit on my BBQ...

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Hmmm... Obviously not a topic on the top of everyones minds!
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