Be careful ladies with your bags!!!

Found 1st Mar 2009
A woman visited the toilet in John Lewis at Bluewater and hung her handbag on the back of the toilet door. As she carried on about her business,a hand suddenly appeared over the top of the stall and grabbed her bag clean off the hook! She immediatley reported the incident to the head of security, who inturn informed the manager of the store.

A couple of days later she had a call to say her bag had been found,without her purse.She arranged a time to go and meet the manager to collect her things. On arriving at the John Lewis store at the agreed time,the manager was not expecting her - neither was the head of security - nothing had been found,no one had called. When the lady got home,her house had been burgled,with no sign of forced entry,the Police believe they had used her Driving License for the address and her keys to let themselves in!

This is real - it isn't just a scaremongering story and many will be so shocked at how complex bag snatching crime has become. Please be extra vigilant ladies,with the credit crunch there are a lot of desperate criminals out there!!

Not sure if this true, someone emailed it to me....but still very worrying stuff!!
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scary stuff im going bluewater tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

scary stuff im going bluewater tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

can you get me a new man bag please

I heard this about a year ago - it was going around the e-mail system.

Me too and every time they changed the location or shop lol
Someone emailed this to me - 3 years or so ago - remove Bluewater and replace with Trafford Centre and remove John Lewis and replace with Selfridges - and its essentially the same.

Love a good urban legend me
lol "this is real" well i was unsure till i read that

the one at alton towers where they stole your sat nav and robbed your house while you were on the rides was true tho
its a serious buisness this internet stuff
lol-funny but an urban legend-its like those "genuine" insurance claim statements or child support claims-all made up.
I got this too on a email circulation but i think I must have got the trans atlantic/american version. because the name of the store was Wal-Mart and the location was somewhere near chicago, illinois. Lol!

This is as common as the 911 one that was going around where the arab drops a wallet on the underground and offers the finder a reward but the finder refuses so the arab said "OK, don't be in London at such a time" - so many fell for that one.
and i guess they just guessed her phone number
This was posted on here about three months ago!!

EDIT: And here it is!!…ou/
good find goonieman! Never knew it was a circulation email, just wanted to pass on the info
Not sure about the John Lewis bit but the thing about the phone call is a known thief's MO. Second bite at the cherry as it were. They check only the lady is in the house and call from outside it and wait for her to leave.

It happened to Bet Lynch in Corry about 25 years ago! Eddie Yeats saw thru the scam but they were too late! Showing my age again . . . .
i read this in a paper a couple of years ago-it was on the telly too-can't remember where-but i am sure it did happen (once !)

Me too and every time they changed the location or shop lol

what she said ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

I heard this about a year ago - it was going around the e-mail system.


That was about the time I made the story up! :whistling:
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