BE or 02 broadband?

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Found 4th Apr 2008
Had BE but BT disconnected me for non payment after an error their end where they took payment twice then refunded both then said I hadnt paid and barred calls then disconnected me! lol

Anyway im being reconnected and not paying the charges they gave me but because of this I need another ISP, I did pay this months internet and last months so owe nothing but that counts as the notice period.

i dont mind BE as its a 3 month contract and I heard good quidco.

And the 3 months lasts me till I move in July(though I may stay longer if cant get better accom)


can you get cable?

O2 give you a 100 day money back guarantee if you're not satisfied with them so that helps with your moving in July. I'm with O2 Broadband (£25 quidco) and I'm happy with there service.

Be is O2, same comapny different products. o2 bought Be about 2 years/18 months back. Seem to be running as 2 seprerate ISP's though. Mind a fault on a o2 broadband line will come out as the customer being Be.

O2 only do a 50 day money back guarentee now, im on BT at the moment and considering changing when my contract ends in September sometime.



Be is O2, same comapny different products.

No, they are not the same company. Yes O2 have bought Be and use the same network, but they are run independently.

If the OP has an O2 mobile contract, then he'd be better off (ie cheaper) to use them. To be honest, I think the service with Be has gone down a bit since O2 has started. Seems whoever I join are fantastic at first, then get bought out go down hill.

Read my post gain guv, I say they are running as 2 seperate ISP's. O2 Broadband uses Be's infastructure.

I moved over to 02 from aol last month and the difference is incredible. getting speeds of 8mb+ with 02 when aol said max could get was 5 and the customer service is incredible, txts every few days to give updates on your order and everything went like clockwork.

couldn't be happier with 02 and so far no limiting download speeds either.

i have tried both (albeit on different phone line's). i have found both to be good (compared to other ISP's) and my current provider (o2) are very cheap for a quick and reliable service...

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whoops forgot I asked this, I used to have BE on the line before the BT mess up and was totally happy and knew they were the same just wasnt sure if any difference really lol

Yes can get cable, or actually I cant as such as the person in room downstairs has cable but is moving in summer and besides cable has a bad rep for throttling
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