Found 19th May 2009
My mum has loads of those stupid beanie bear things and is planning to do a car boot sale with them amongst other stuff soon. She has asked me if i can find out what ones may be worth some money.
I havent seem them and dont know much about them myself so was trying to see if i could find a site that had a general price for them. I've had a look and cant find anything too useful so was wondering if anyone knows any good sites that could help

Thanks (on behalf of my mum!!!)

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The bears are worth the msot BUT they arent worth much nowadays as that craze finished but heres a price guide site


I say that because whatever price its going for on there will usually be the market price

I imagine they the TY beanies? ,some are worth a bit, and some you might find not sell,best place to find them is eBay and compare what you got there on completed items.


like your mum i used to save these, got rid of mine years ago, although kep the anniversary and xmas bears, the odd one is worth something but most a £1 - lol

still worht checking ebay though before selling, you may have some worth a bit more

People will pay more if tag is intact for the ones worth a bit more and they got like a plastic tag keeper over the tag to protect it. Not collected them myself but think we got odd 1 in house,they cute.

Original Poster

thanks for those, guess Ebay is a good place to start

do a oogle search and you will find a lot of uk dealers (not retailers) and tey have lists of their prices this will gie you an idea but unless you have any worth a lot they go for about £1 each my dog loves them lol

My mum has loads of the darn things.

I think she intends to put some in with the prezzy boxes she does for poor romanian children at christmas. They really appreciate things like that.

Ebay all the way, i collected them with a passion but theyre virtually worthless now.
btw, did your mum collect any of the ty buddies, im after a particular one, not collecting them just happen to like giraffe called twigs i think
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