Bearded Dragon

    Not referring to anyones Mother in Law here !!!!
    Does anyone know owt about these little lizard creatures.
    Would they be suitable for a 5 year old ?

    What's involved in looking after them ?
    Do you think they make good pets ?


    Easiest reptile to look after, very friendly, initial set up can be expensive. My youngest was about 3 or 4 when we got our 1st beardie

    Good forum to find out all you need here

    Got one myself the other week, Very lively and friendly, She's just shedding her skin.

    Anyway their one of if not the best lizard to have as a pet, Fairly hardy lizards and easy to look after.

    Feed them Crickets/Wax worms/Silk worms/Locast and vegetables/Fruit 3-5 times a day give them as much as they'll eat but remove any live food that she doesn't eat as they can bite...!!!!

    Juveniles eat 80% Live food 20% Fruit and Vegatables.

    As they get older they'll eat more fruit and veg.

    Don't give them Cucumber, Iceburg lettuce, Fireflies.

    Vivarium should be at least 4ft x 2ft for adults.

    They need a UV light and Heat light ( On for 12 hours a day ).

    Heat mat as a backing heat, Best left on constantly but can be turned off at night during the summer months.

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    Many thanks for the advice. I was in the reptile shop yesterday and thought they were cute. Son had wanted a corn snake initially, but think these would be a better pet.
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