beast of a computer for £400 - £700, thanks:)


    my laptop just died suddenly and i have decided to get a desktop PC.

    i need it for 3d programs, cad, and photoshop as i'm a 3rd year architecure student.

    got loans through the other day so happy to get something decent that will last me a few years. would have been all over that studio xps with screen that was on the other week.

    any deals (with screen or stand alone) would be much appreciated.


    If your after a beast...…htm

    Below your price tag aswell!

    Although the offer above is a nice one for home multimedia desktop ,
    if you work with cad + photo/video edit go for Intel's cpu or higher model of AMD (at least Phenom quad core).

    this is only synthetic benchmark but indicates the difference :…tml (pos.111 , even cheap E5200 without overclocking seems faster )

    have a quick look at :…473…918

    Original Poster

    thanks for the advice and deals guys,

    any more deals 'QUAD core' minimum would be great:)
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