Beat this corker if you can

    A drunk is sitting at a bar when a woman stands behind him and
    raises her arm really high to get the bartender's attention.

    She has very hairy armpits. The drunk sees this and yells at the
    bartender, "Get the ballerina a drink."

    She gets her drink and goes away.

    Later she returns and raises her arm again. The drunk sees her
    and yells to the bartender, "Get the ballerina another drink."
    She gets her drink and goes away again.

    The bartender asks the drunk how he knows that she is a ballerina
    given that she is a stranger and has never been in the bar before.

    The drunk replies, "She's got to be a ballerina if she can lift
    her leg that high."



    Like it!

    I love your jokes!

    Wife moaning to her Husband. "You never take me anywhere expensive anymore do you".
    "Okay" he replies, "Then get your coat on"
    "Where you taking me?"
    "To the f'in petrol station"

    Nice one Skusey.
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