Get youre Fab Avatars here. Every PC should have 1. Errr, hope this link is not seen as advertising - just enthusing.


    cant wait for the new album to come out next monday :-D

    heard a couple of tunes, some old, but they sound great

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    Listening to some of them now, my friend, from the link on this Forum. Seventh Heaven. Take me back home....

    FAB avatars. :thumbsup:

    I'm buying the 2 disc limited edition version, with the audio DVD, a present for my O/H but waiting until 25/12 will not be easy.

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    In 400 years, there will still be Hitler, Stalin, Will Shaks, Buddha(the fat guy) Beatles, oh, and even Christianity, if it has not faded out..tell me I am wrong.

    The Beatles - While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Love Version)

    only one i have in mp3 right now and managed to listen to a few more online

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    Welcome, my friend. Enjoy.

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    Tee Hee, Hitler on Rhythm, now that could be good. I'd look forward to his European tour kicking off in Poland. Where has the kid gone too?

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    [SIZE=2]Me, I wanna see Emma Bunting on Child in Need 2 night- I'd pay money not to listen 2 her. Hands up anyone who has a Spicy Gals LP?[/SIZE]
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