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I understand my step-father wants a beatles cd for his birthday which is in under two weeks but I haven't a clue which to go for! I was thinking of spending about £20 - any tips?

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Without knowing if your step dad has any Beatles cd's already,I am assuming he hasn' could go for these

]Beatles red album '62-'66 £9.49
]Beatles blue album '67-'70 £9.49

These cover the best of The Beatles,pretty much,68 tracks across the 2 cd's!!

5% quidco also:thumbsup:

Hope this helps

Beatles One would be the best as it covers all the number 1's over all the era's


Tracks1.[URL="javascript:findtrack('Love Me Do')"]Love Me Do[/URL] 15.[URL="javascript:findtrack('Yellow Submarine')"]Yellow Submarine[/URL] 2.[URL="javascript:findtrack('From Me To You')"]From Me To You[/URL] 16.[URL="javascript:findtrack('Eleanor Rigby')"]Eleanor Rigby[/URL] 3.[URL="javascript:findtrack('She Loves You')"]She Loves You[/URL] 17.[URL="javascript:findtrack('Penny Lane')"]Penny Lane[/URL] 4.[URL="javascript:findtrack('I Want To Hold Your Hand')"]I Want To Hold Your Hand[/URL] 18.[URL="javascript:findtrack('All You Need Is Love')"]All You Need Is Love[/URL] 5.[URL="javascript:findtrack('Can~t Buy Me Love')"]Can't Buy Me Love[/URL] 19.[URL="javascript:findtrack('Hello Goodbye')"]Hello Goodbye[/URL] 6.[URL="javascript:findtrack('Hard Day~s Night')"]Hard Day's Night[/URL] 20.[URL="javascript:findtrack('Lady Madonna')"]Lady Madonna[/URL] 7.[URL="javascript:findtrack('I Feel Fine')"]I Feel Fine[/URL] 21.[URL="javascript:findtrack('Hey Jude')"]Hey Jude[/URL] 8.[URL="javascript:findtrack('Eight Days A Week')"]Eight Days A Week[/URL] 22.[URL="javascript:findtrack('Get Back')"]Get Back[/URL] 9.[URL="javascript:findtrack('Ticket To Ride')"]Ticket To Ride[/URL] 23.[URL="javascript:findtrack('Ballad Of John And Yoko')"]Ballad Of John And Yoko[/URL] 10.[URL="javascript:findtrack('Help')"]Help[/URL] 24.[URL="javascript:findtrack('Something')"]Something[/URL] 11.[URL="javascript:findtrack('Yesterday')"]Yesterday[/URL] 25.[URL="javascript:findtrack('Come Together')"]Come Together[/URL] 12.[URL="javascript:findtrack('Day Tripper')"]Day Tripper[/URL] 26.[URL="javascript:findtrack('Let It Be')"]Let It Be[/URL] 13.[URL="javascript:findtrack('We Can Work It Out')"]We Can Work It Out[/URL] 27.[URL="javascript:findtrack('Long And Winding Road')"]Long And Winding Road[/URL] 14.[URL="javascript:findtrack('Paperback Writer')"]Paperback Writer[/URL]

If he hasn't any Beatles albums then I agree with the above suggestions...most Beatles fans seem to select Revolver as their favourite.

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Thanks all. Apparently he has Seargant Peppers Lonely Hearts Club - would the recommended above still fit in with this?

As currychops has said,Revolver is oft touted as being the best album by The Beatles,you can get it here ]click for £6.95.

If he only has the one album then my above suggestions will give him a good selection from the early years right through to 1970.Some of the tracks he will already have on the album he has got, possibly 4 or so,but there are so many others that it shouldn't be a problem.

You could get the Anthology album V1, music with a bit of talking. You can get for around £17 from PLAY.
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