Beatles Rockband - is it out yet???

    I thought not but my Morrisons was seling it earlier on PS3 (got GH on 360 so want it on that) it out already?


    i've got it...

    out 9/9/09

    I think it was out [COLOR="Red"]yesterday[/COLOR]?

    lol wat?

    black gerbil1;6225444

    I think it was out [COLOR="Red"]yesterday[/COLOR]?lol wat?

    Hahahahaha nice one - you did a funny :-D

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    oh right

    fair enough...mut be morrisons selling early then

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    black gerbil1;6225444

    I think it was out [COLOR=red]yesterday[/COLOR]?lol wat?


    nice brah :lol:

    got email from game

    HELP! 9-9-9 Sees the launch of Beatles Rockband!

    It Won't Be Long 'til you can play one of the year's biggest music games!

    Arriving on Wednesday 9th September, The Beatles: Rock Band is guaranteed to Please Please You with loads of the band's biggest hits on one disc, plus more available as downloadable content!

    It dun got leaked.

    asda have it in there chart at was a band edition at £99 maybe a guitar edition never looked properly
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