Beats headphones or something else?

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Found 13th Nov 2016
My kids want Beats headphones for Christmas. I read some reviews and they don't seem great. I'd spend up to £100. What do people think of them? Any others?


Must be some sennheiser headphones that are better mate

What I think is they are generally massively overpriced for the lousy sound quality but if your kids want them its highly likely they want them as a fashion accessory (why most want them) so getting some other brand could be a disaster. Stuck between a rock and a hard place unfortunately.


Must be some sennheiser headphones that are better mate

I concur, for the price of beats you'll get much better quality from almost anywhere, but Sennheisers generally have great sound quality.

My advice will be to seek out the best rated headphones from independent sites from using Google.
I just found…30/
Also, make sure you know whether he wants on-ear, over-ear or in-ear headphones.
Edit: On a side note; if you do ultimately decide to go with Beats headphones: Make sure you're buying authentic ones and NOT knock offs.
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Part of the attraction is that they are beats and this will be a big thing for your son.

If he had the choice between headphones that were much better in every way but had lidl on the side, he'd want the beats.

must admit I have beats and think theyre great

Son got beats I think they were - broke within a month - replaced with AKG's which have lasted ever since (over 2 years) - the ones available in different colours. He loves them

Get him a pair of AKG K451 better than beats
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Thanks a million to everyone who has given me some choice. I know kids always want a 'name' when it comes to the latest thing to have. I think those AKG might be in with a shout, but please keep the suggestions for substitutes coming.
Thanks again

Those AKG were WHAT HiFi Headphones Product of the Year, Awards 2011. People in the know would buy them instead of Beats. AKG K451 is the same as the AKG K450, but you get the microphone & remote & volume control.
I bought my AKG K450 over 4 years ago and they are still going strong.

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Ask him if he wants to look like a tool
celebrities are seen with those headphones because they are paid to use them.

I recommend sending MKBHD best headphone vidio to your son so he can decide for himself…wZg
and this…u-M
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I have AKG451's, Sennheisers, Sony, LG, Bose, soundmagic E10's and my Beats Solo are better than all bar Bose. Does depend on the individual.

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Guys, thanks a million for all your replies. What I've done is taken them to a music/electronics shop and let them listen to the same tune on various headphones. I then got the salesman to chat to them about the virtues of substance over style....which I think worked (on top of a few headphones sounded better than beats to me and them). It's now a case of what 'Santa' will bring!!!!
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