Beauitful pictures. RAMADAN - muslims holy month.

Found 28th Aug 2009
Beauitful pictures. Its wonderful to see al the muslim brothers and sisters celebrating and partaking in this beautiful month. Ramadan Kareem to all!…tml

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Great pics rasanh
Number 8 looks a bit painful though

Some really excellent photographs there, thanks - even though I cannot share your enthusiasm for the associated religious mumbo-jumbo.

I sincerely hope that you enjoy your festival and derive comfort from your belief.

In picture 16, is that trick photography? How is he so close to the mirror, but not the guy taking the photo?

absolutely beautiful pictures thank you for sharing

nice pics...

thnx for sharing.


Great pics rasanhNumber 8 looks a bit painful though

nah its not , its like wearing eye liner.

so how is ramadan going for everyone as they haven't been to hard for me. can't be bothered going sleep so going to go sleep after keeping my fast

The crescent moon pic is fabulous.

An awful lot of beautiful photography there, thanks for posting

thanks for sharing!

brilliant pictures, great post

The one with the "kheer" picture in...isn't that "lochee/shemay"? I thought kheer has coconut and date syrup in it? Anyway, some great pics. Belated Ramadan greetings!

kheer is rice pudding


The crescent moon pic is fabulous. calming

good pics


No. 19 reminds me when i use to fall asleep at mosque during taraweeh when younger
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