Bebo is making a comeback...

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Posted 29th Jan 2021
Yes, you read that right. Bebo, the social network, is making a comeback!

Not 100% sure if it has any relation to the previous site, bar the logo and name but time will tell!

Currently you can gain access via a private beta, although unsure what criteria you need to have and no idea if it'll be a generic password or unique etc but time will tell.

Site states ''Bebo is coming back in February 2021 as a brand new social network,” the page reads, under a banner indicating that the website is “coming soon”.

Also many will be please to see the following

PLEASE NOTE: All old data and photos were lost many years ago and are not recoverable. Sorry.

Thank god for that, i guess many don't fancy looking at cringey photos

Will it be a sucess? Time will tell and i'll be sure to update as/when things update!…oon

Here are 10 things you used to do on Bebo that will make you cringe

Offering your “Luv” to the person at school who could make the best skins.

Changing your “other half” and sitting back waiting for the wave of messages.

Typing with the spelling and grammar of a three-year-old.

Felling genuinely hurt when your so called friend moved you out of their top 16.

Spending hours deciding who should get your three “Luvs” for the day.

Having Cascada – Everytime We Touch as your flashbox.

Adding arrows pointing at your friends with captions like “BFF4EVER”.

Listing the entire list of artists for one genre under music. Emo, Indie or Dance. Pick a side.

The endless webcam selfies only showing one eye.

Joining groups like “Bebo Stunnaz” for the view count

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