Becker Traffic Assist Sat Nav Help


    I bought the 7934 HighSpeed Traffic Assist SatNav deal from Tesco a while back and just getting around to updating it as were leaving for holiday soon

    Im really having a hard time so any help would be greatly appreciated

    Ive installed ActiveSync and trying to follow instructions but they really arent very clear. Ive downloaded the latest software upgrade and tried installing using both ActiveSync and separately via card reader but no way to double check if it was successful

    Also while trying to upgrade the maps to the ones included in the CD it states that there is not enough room on the storage card and if I want to overwrite the existing Europe Map. I press yes but the pop up keeps continuously reappearing with nothing happening.

    One last thing I noticed is I keep on getting "A GPS signal is not available now. Navigation will start automativcally when a GPS signal is available". Im in central London so seems a bit odd!

    Any help greatly appreciated


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