Become a Furlonteer - Volunteer opportunities for those on furlough

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Posted 30th Apr
Apologies if already posted but didn't see it! Thought this was a great site and a great opportunity for those with perhaps a few hours to spare, to volunteer that time.

Fill in your details and give some background on you and your skill set so that you can be matched with suitable positions.

Visit the site here to get started


Hamish and Rosie Shephard, along with Sam Tasker-Grindley, came up with the concept of over a virtual curry on Sunday 19th April. Hamish is the co-founder of Hello Fresh and founder of BrideBook; Rosie is the founder of The Luxury Communications Council (LCC); Sam is a Director at RSM UK.

This is a completely non-profit project to connect charities and good causes with skilled and willing people during this awful crisis.

On Tuesday 21st April at lunchtime a group of passionate Furlonteers got on a zoom call and came up with a plan to get this amazing concept up and running and to scale through marketing, social and digital. By Friday afternoon they had a brand, website, marketing and digital campaign and had already matched charities with Furlonteers.
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