Becoming a taxi driver? Happy New Year All

    i dont suppose anyone would know how you go about becoming a taxi driver, i reckon i could make a killing in my area as a taxi driver but just wondering how you went about getting licensed and all that kind of stuff?

    Happy New Year


    Here would probably be my first port of call…9s3

    would cost you a fortune before you even set have to pay for your plates off the council..then insurance ..then your tracking ...£250 quid in Manc before anything is yours

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    mmm, i tried the tinyurl, was great. google always gives me tha answers i need,

    i didnt think bout the insurace, i spose its public liability and things like that isnt it. mmm

    google is really good insomniac, thankyou

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    thankyou queenlush


    thankyou queenlush

    and that's every week hun

    your local council officers / website should have all details

    I used to be a taxi driver & to be honest you have missed the boat for the time being earnings wise. Christmas & new Year were by far the best earners for me & Jan / Feb tended to be pretty quiet . That may well differ in your home city i don't know. As with how do you go about it - Tinks has pretty much hit the nail on the head. Good luck :thumbsup:

    my bro in law is doing his exam in the new year he needs to hire a car, a radio etc think his outlay will be £200-£300 pw before he can start earning

    althougth round our way is well busy thursday-saturday nights with clubs bars etc

    and during the week also with bluewater and the towns being close by

    location is the key to how much you will earn

    Perhaps it's out of order for me to say as I have only recently started using HUKD - but people on here are mean!!! There has been more than one instance where someone has asked a perfectly decent question only to be told off for not trying google!!

    I don't imagine that sensation was posing the question expecting other people to google it and do the hard work for him, he was probably looking for someone like darren9030 who, having had experience, can give some practical advice! Also, it may surprise people .... but google isn't always right!

    Can't we all just be nice?!

    worth looking into doing school/social work transport contract with the LA - regular income and some contracts are worth a lot!

    have a read at this thread about our local taxi firm/s ]Bournemouth Taxi Trade In Crisis.

    not trying to put you off, but like anything you need to look at both sides of the "coin". If you go for it, good luck in your new venture & all the best for 2010 :thumbsup:


    this is a good source of income during the quiet months, but you need to … this is a good source of income during the quiet months, but you need to look at how much every other company is charging, you will also need a chaperone with a CRB check on each trip, if you are carrying more then 3 kids ( depends on your area) you will need more then one chaperone.Dont base your entire business around the school contacts as these charge every term ( in my area) and you wont last long .good luck if you do decide to give it a go if i can help in any way drop me a pmHappy new year

    It varies from local authority area to area - most LA's let contracts for 3 years (some 5) and in some areas only contracts involving special ed kids require escorts. LA's are also required to publish tender results for all contracts so you can see which runs are lucrative and give you an idea of price. Some of the runs we tender are well over 100 quid a day....
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