Becoming a Yodel self employed neighbour hood driver

Posted 12th Dec 2014
Hey guys

Has anyone had any experience with this, Yodel have offered me a position doing this, because I am a full time dad I am not looking for a full wage (don't see how you could when you see the numbers) but I can not see how they can claim min wage as the numbers don't stack up?

I would get 50p a parcel, on average 30-60 parcels a day, but I use my own car and fuel and have to have business insurance

now, the business insurance I am guessing will be about £50 extra for the year (that is what it was for my wife when we had to do it a few years back, however it may be more when I say it is to be a courier)

they promise within a 3 mile radius, however you have to do up to 3 attempts of delivery to get your 50p, they work it out that you deliver a parcel every 4 mins (which is plainly daft as traffic kills that before you even turn your key)

so add to that with fuel (I reckon 30 to a gallon as it is stop start on my diesel car, also not factoring in wear and tear!)

the numbers don't seem to be all that good, presuming I got 60 parcels, that is £30, but you only need some of the people to not be in and the whole domino chain starts to fall down, a lot of people are out in the day..

has anyone ever done this job, I am not worried about making loads of money as it is just for pocket money, but on the flip side I don't want to be working for free, if that makes sense?
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