Bed frame

    Hi everybody,

    I need to get a standard double bed frame, ideally wooden, and one that you can disassemble when you are moving house.
    I am looking for something well build yet fairly cheap.
    I found this one…spx
    in Tesco but Im not sure if it will be any good?

    Any suggestions welcome!



    oooh i need a new bed i think i will go for one of those when they are in stock

    Try dreams they do some nice beds, won't be as cheap as that one from tescos tho

    Original Poster

    Dreams are way too expensive for me I need to get a mattress as well so I would rather keep the price of the bed low and spend slightly more on the mattress.

    if you are short of money try freecycle first and then ebay locally as a bedframe is fine 2nd hand isnt it? then you can get a really good mattress!
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